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Sharing room with an unknown
Posted 19June,2006


Benefits of a good Roommate

A roommate is a person, with whom one lives in a house or apartment, sharing one or more rooms. Being a co-sharer in living, often the roommate is affectionately called a roomie. In many countries, including the United Kingdom, the term refers to a person sharing the same room. However, in the United States the term is used for a person sharing the same house or apartment irrespective of whether they share the same room or not. A good roommate who is caring, sharing and accommodating to the person he or she is living with, is desired by everyone. In addition to easing the burden of the living costs, a good roommate also provides excellent companionship to its co-habitants.

Finding the Right Person

When you decide to share your room, finding the right roommate is the most crucial thing. You must ensure that the person you are living with is a good match for your lifestyle. You must also decide whether you want your roommate to be of the same sex or you are also open to sharing your room with a person of the opposite sex. In most of the University accommodations roommates are of the same sex. Also you may have difficulty in finding a landlord who will allow persons of opposite sex sharing a room, especially if the two are unmarried couples. Once the gender issue is decided, you must consider the other factors such as age, smoking and drinking habits, whether accompanied by pets, religious beliefs, occupation and social status, and other similar attributes of the person. Statistics show that various traits associated with the social behavior and personality of one roommate greatly affect the personality and lifestyle of other roommates.

Although there are no fool proof processes for finding the right roommate, there are steps that you may consider for increasing your chances for getting an ideal roommate. If you want to search for a roommate yourself, you can advertise stating your. You can post flyers or posters at places visited by potential and eligible roommates for people like you. After you get the responses, you need to shortlist and interview the respondents. You must be sure that the potential roommate is dependable and capable of paying the rent consistently and on time. You can also make a background check of the person(s) from different sources, and may ask for suitable references. However, all these exercise to find a roommate of your choice may be a great hassle, especially if you are new to the place. It may increase your trouble and also demand lot of your valuable time.

Professional Help for finding roommates

To avoid all these hassles and yet find the best roommate, you can seek help of a professional roommate finder. There are many organizations offering roommate matching and referral services, and help you find a roommate quickly and easily. Many of them have long experiences in finding roommates. They maintain databases of persons looking for accommodations and roommates. They also conduct compatibility studies depending on several variables relating to personality and behavior so that you don’t regret later. Thorough background checks are also conducted by the roommate matching agency. So, if you are planning to find a roommate to share your room, seeking professional help from a reputed roommate finder is the best solution if you want the best of the options available.

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