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Read Before You Rent
by John Rivers

These days it is getting harder and harder to be able to buy a home of our own. House prices are getting so high that they are simply out of reach of the majority of us, especially if we a first-time buyers. This is why the number of places to rent is increasing. The standards of the rental properties vary immensely, as does the amount of rent we have to pay on a monthly basis. It is important to weigh up your options carefully before you decide to rent a house or apartment.

One of your first considerations before you decide on which property you are going to rent is location. You may have no preferences at all or you may have very specific requirements. If you have children there are a huge amount of factors to take into account about the area where you are intending to rent. You want to know that the neighbourhood is safe for your kids and there are plenty of places for them to play. Take a look at the local schools near where the rental property is and see that it meets their needs. Transport is another very important factor in the decision making process. If you driver you want to know if the local roads are always busy which will add to the travelling time to your workplace. Check out the public transport system if you do not have the regular use of a car. You may need to find somewhere to rent that is near a bus or train route, especially for those regular shopping trips.

The size of apartments and houses available for rent can vary dramatically. Try to invest in the largest that you can to give you room to move, rather than just enough to cope. If you are a young couple you will need to consider the chances of starting a family. You want to rent a place that has an extra room or two for your growing family.

Services that are included in your monthly rent can also differ. There are numerous charges that apply to different states and counties but the basics that you need to look out for are the same. Check with you potential landlord what your rent covers. Make a note of any utility bills that you will be responsible for in addition to your regular rent payment.

About the Author
John Rivers is the owner of Estate Advisory Service. On his website you will find articles, resources, tips, and advice about buying real estate, houses, and homes.

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